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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Start a business with less money

Start a business with less money, become merchandise ...!

The common Indians are getting away from the village even today, but many of the business related to village and farming are nowadays in trend, from which you can earn crores, even at a small expense...
small business of milk
milk business

Milk business: In this case, the first number of milk business comes only. You can get a good cow in the price of 30 thousand and in a fine buffalo 50-60 thousand. You can start your business with one or two animals ... Keep in mind, the business of milk is golden. You can contact the companies or you can also contact those who sell milk at the local level ...
small business flower stall
flower stall

Your flowers stall: Not only to show love, in hotels, in weddings, in worship, ... the demand for flowers is very high. You can cultivate flowers by taking a little ground on lease anywhere. You can sell your flowers directly by contacting many online websites. Sunflower, rose, lime cultivation has immense advantages. This business will give laddoo in both hands, that too of ghee ...
small business wood farming
wood farming

Wood Farming: If you have one or two bighas of farming, you can plant prized trees like rosewood, teak in it. After 8-10 years of farming, you can make it a millionaire. Keep in mind, a fine Sheesham tree worth 40 thousand rupees is sold. The teak tree is also valuable to it.
small business farming

Vegetable farming: Traditionally, cultivating wheat and rice is not the case for everyone ... But cultivating vegetables by making smaller land siege or siege can make you poor. Nowadays, the Government of India is opening an agricultural center in different parts of the country with the cooperation of Israel, where you can easily get more yielding techniques in lesser land. A similar center has been built in Haryana's Ghauronda. Vegetables like chilli, cabbage, tomato will fill your pockets ...
small business bambu products
bambu products

Bamboo of work: Bamboo is a tree that produces many types of creative things. From this, from the table to the cottage house also becomes. Companies working on this need a lot of it. If a tree yields 5 quintals of bamboo per year, then about 100 quintals will produce from 100 trees. If a farmer currently has 500 quintals of bamboo and he sells it, then according to that the farmer's earnings will be around 1.5 lakhs. If you have land, then understand the cost of starting this business as well ...

small business aloevara cultivation
aloe vera

Aloe vera cultivation: Aloe Vera cultivation takes approximately 2500 plants in a bigha land and costs five to six thousand rupees. Irrigation and weeding need four-five times a year. There is no special need to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only this, there is no adverse effect of hail, drought, and untimely rain. Matlab says that aloe vera can be grown with less shady trees. Cut its leaves twice a year, and in a year, on an average 15 to 20 thousand rupees per bigha are also getting income.
small business tulsi cultivation
tulsi cultivation
Basil cultivation: Tulsi cultivation  With the help of Baba Ramdev's Patanjali, many companies are required to make these medicines. This is more in earnings in Basil case. If farmers of Tulsi cultivate, then in 10 months, in 15 months, The cost of the cultivation of Tulsi is Rs. 3 lakhs. The profits are going on.

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