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Monday, April 29, 2019

6- Most Profitable Business In India

6- Most Profitable Business In India
Most Profitable Business In India
Small Business

1. Interior decoration store- another stable local business in India

 In India, the land of many billionaires, rich people here not only have fun collecting cars, using luxury goods but also willing to spend heavily on expensive villas, full facilities, to express their level.
Furniture is one of the most high-value products in an interior.  If spending a remarkable amount of money, surely customers always have strict requirements on the product.
Therefore, the styledesign, and quality of the interior elements, which make up the value of the product, are the factors that every decoration storekeeper should focus first. It is necessary to improve the ability of competitiveness and be more attractive for the store visitors.
To run an interior decoration store business, it needs a good taste, understanding of the needs of the masses to choose the goods to suit the tastes. The better you are able to select the products to your store, the faster the products will sell out.
We should capture and anticipate new trends in the future to timely bring the appropriate products into our store. This is the most important factor in determining the performance of an interior shop business.
This kind of business is well suitable for someone, who is familiar with and passionate about interior design. In this business, the niching down and focusing are crucial. There are too many interior styles our there, nobody can be enough familiar with all of them. Most important is to focus on that, what you know best.
If you deal with the right style of furniture and you are able to target the right people, then the profit margins in this business can be high. You can have a profitable business In India.

2. Children toys business

Children’s toys are always needed as a hobby for all children, helping children to develop their skills and intellect. Need is increasing especially for educational, intelligent and safe children’s toys.
Opening a children’s toy store is a potential business opportunity not only in India but also in many other countries. Especially for smart toys, as the social living standards go up and the care of children’s intellectual education is becoming more and more concerned?
But now, in the middle of a toy forest of unknown origin; smuggled goods, imitation goods, fake; poisoned, or made from recycled plastic, the choice of educational toys for children is not simple.
It is noteworthy that, as living standards improve, investments in skills and intellectual development for children are always of interest to parents. They are ready to choose their favorite children’s smart toys. This is a great opportunity for those who trade those items. It can be a profitable business in India and in other countries.
In addition, the production of children’s toys is not only a business to pick up more money, but also a humanitarian work to support the poor children around the world.
So, the demand for high quality, safe and smart toys is increasing not only in India but also elsewhere. For Indian local people, it means, they can open online or offline shops. Also, as India is also great manufactures of toys, then here is possible to start exporting children toys.

3. Real estate- expensive, but profitable business in India

Real estate business is the investment of capital to carry out construction activities, purchase, receive transfer for sale, transfer; lease, sublease real estate objects.
After a new real estate object is built then there are also different services related to real estate. Providing real estate brokerage services; real estate trading floor services; Real estate consulting services or property management for profit purposes.
For the ones, who are interested to start a real estate related business, then there are a lot of options. Building and selling require a very big amount of capital, but the returns can be also very high. On the other hand, starting as a real estate agent doesn’t require much capital, but of course, also the possible profits are lower.
It is clear, that there are great business opportunities in the Indian real estate sector. Real estate can be a highly profitable investment and business India, for local entrepreneurs and also for wealthy foreign entrepreneurs.
The location of real estate is leading and most important an element that creates value as well as the basis for valuing real estate.
Selecting a good location means that the property has a high value-growth potential, especially high valued are those locations which have rapid urbanization. The more densely populated the more cost of new real estate.
The strong turnaround since the global financial crisis, as well as the open of new government investment policies, has helped the Indian real estate market to win the hearts of many foreign investors.
India is the brightest star in the Asia-Pacific and key markets targeted by investors include Mumbai, NCR, and Bangalore, with more than two-thirds of capital flowing into these cities.
Much of this capital inflows are flowing into office buildings and residential areas which are being developed.
4. Wedding planning- glamorous & profitable business in India
The wedding business is booming in India. This is also a new type of business, which did not exist a few decades ago.
With rising incomes, modern couples are bolder in investing in their happy days. People choose to find a wedding consultant to organize their wedding. More and more people are investing in this field, making the market vibrant.
In this field, the location is considered to be one of the first important factors determining the success of the business.
In India, weddings are a way of expressing social status. Although every year there are 10 million weddings held in India, some families may still spend 20-30% of their lifetime income on weddings. Wedding ceremonies, ceremonies, rings, Hindu rituals or other religious ceremonies usually last a few days.
The growth of Internet users in India is an important factor boosting the wedding industry in this country. People are using the internet extensively to find information about weddings and Western-style meeting rooms (altars) – a trend that is also gaining the attention of the wealthy people in India. More and more couples in India want to approach and experience this new experience at their wedding.
If you are well aware of the wedding styles and ceremonies in western countries, then this can be your chance. for weddings, people are not saving money. In this business, big money is turning. This is a highly profitable business in India for years to come.

5. Jewelry shop

With the gold rush in India, it is not surprising that this is the second largest import item after crude oil. Total imports of gold and silver are $ 55.7 billion for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.
Indians are worshipers of gold. Farmers save money by buying gold jewelry. Many wear gold-plated rings and billionaires donate gold to temples for the sake of forgiveness.
In addition to being a symbol of wealth and social status, gold is also the belief and culture of the Indian people. All of this has made India the world’s largest gold consumer.
And not only the gold but Indians also like precious stones, diamonds, crystals.

Why jewelry business is too profitable

The jewelry business offers an extraordinary reward on the grounds that the need for being lovely, fabulous is winding up significant. Jewelry in India reflects social status and class. There is a need not only for cheap jewelry but also for high-end jewelry.
Jewelry is like the fashion item, buyers always demanding aesthetic as well as beautiful, eye-catching and with approved quality items.
Therefore, finding and choosing the source of supplying quality jewelry for your store is very important. It determines the outcome of our store business.
In the old times, those who kept the jewelry shop business in India had become very wealthy. In nowadays, competition is more intense, but it can be still very lucrative and profitable business in India.
Nowadays, jewelry shopkeepers need to leverage internet technologies and sell market their products more online. Trough internet, jewelry sellers can reach to the global market. It is also possible to sell jewelry online to very far countries

6. Export-import business- most profitable business in India

This is not a secret, that in export-import business, people in India and in other developing countries can make the biggest profits. This is the most profitable business in India now and in the coming years.
There are many reasons for this. In short, India manufactures a wide range of products and because India is still developing and low-cost country, then the costs to manufacture the products are very low. But the prices for those products in western developed countries are much higher.
India is becoming a new “China”. Indian Export grows fastly and India is replacing Chinese exports in many different product categories. Profit margins can be very high, sometimes 100%-300%

Key questions need to be answered to become successful

1.      What products you should export, to gain maximum profits from International markets.
2.      To where you should exactly export your products?
3.      How to find and reach to the buyers
There are a lot of different profitable businesses in India in the field of export and import. We have written an article about the most profitable business ideas in Export/Import.
We are sure, everyone will find opportunity from there.
If you get really excited about the potential of export/import business, then, we advise to check out our export-import blog and learn more, what is possible. And for seriously interested people, we have created special and practical online courses, programs, we also have export/import business mentoring and consultation.

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